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Our new premises
PPS advokáti has been operating at the legal service market since 2002, originally as an association of attorneys-at-law, and since 2008 as a limited liability company using the company name PPS ADVOKÁTI.
PPS ADVOKÁTI provides legal services within the whole Czech Republic, especially on the territory of the Hradec Králové Region, Pardubice Region, Central Bohemia Region, and the capital Prague. Through the membership in the international European Association of Attorneys (AEA) and cooperation with some law firms in Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Austria, we are able to ensure legal help even in international legal relations. We communicate in Czech, English, German, Russian, and French language.
Our clients’ satisfaction and trust are a priority for us. We prefer long-term cooperation and offer sophisticated, professionally reasoned, comprehensive, yet maximally clear and economic legal solutions for very interesting prices. Open, regular and detailed provision of information to the client and full open-ended protection of the Client’s information go without saying. If necessary, we cooperate externally with selected notaries, experts, executors, auditors, tax and accounting consultants, sworn translators, real estate offices, and public auction organizers.
Our vision is to maintain and still develop a stable, sufficiently strong and uniquely identifiable company whose reputation and name will guarantee quality services for demanding clients.
PPS ADVOKÁTIprovides comprehensive legal services to all its clients, especially in the field of commercial law. A great part of our services includes the civil obligations, public contract law, legal services related to the nonbanking finance, and legal services in the criminal law. Contentious agenda that includes a great number of lawsuits and arbitration proceedings is also large.
We esteem all our clients very much without regard to their being an individual or a great business corporation.
We are pleased by the continuous growth of the number of our clients who have acquired confidence of our services. The continuous growth of the number of clients has also resulted in the growing number of attorneys. At present, there are 22 of them in PPS ADVOKÁTI; the overall number of lawyers is 26. PPS ADVOKÁTI thus can be numbered among the greatest regional law firms in the Czech Republic.
We work in the whole Czech Republic Where you can find our branches
Velké náměstí 135/19
500 03 Hradec Králové
tel: +420 495 512 831-2
fax: +420 495 512 838
Římská 14
120 00 Prague 2

tel: +420 224 237 905
fax: +420 224 237 908
Jiráskova 154
566 01 Vysoké Mýto

tel: +420 465 423 200
fax: +420 465 423 240
Poláčkovo náměstí 85
516 01 Rychnov n. Kněžnou

tel: +420 494 321 351
fax: +420 494 321 351
Chelčického 1380
280 02 Kolín

tel: +420 777 783 098

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